First Time Buyers

Dealer and customer shaking hands

Here at Greenway Kia East, first time buyers are some of our favorite customers to serve! We take pride in our commitment to those who shop with our team, and we can’t wait to make a first impression that will last a lifetime. If you’re ready to see how easy the car-shopping experience can be, then read on to learn more about qualifying for our first time buyer incentives and opportunities.

First Time Buyer Program Criteria

Shopping for your first vehicle should be a rewarding experience, and we’re going to do everything in our power to make sure that your needs are met! If you’re interested in taking advantage of our program for first time buyers, you just need to meet the following criteria:

  • No previous auto credit history on your credit bureau report — As long as your credit history shows that you’ve never financed or leased a vehicle, you can qualify as a first time buyer.
  • Minimum of 6 months verifiable employment history on current job — We understand that first time buyers are often still in the process of building their credit. By sharing your employment history with our team, you show that you have what it  takes to be a responsible borrower.
  • Minimum of $500 cash down from your own funds — No trade-in? No problem. A down payment of $500 or more will enable you to qualify for our incentives and secure a low monthly payment.

Our first time buyer incentives are available on over 300 vehicles at Greenway Kia East.

We even have several finance options available for every budget. 

If you’re ready to claim one of our first time buyer incentives, contact us today before you apply for financing.

What Should You Know as a First Time Buyer?

You have questions. Greenway Kia East has answers. Take a moment to consider these tips if you’re gearing up to buy your first vehicle near Orlando:

  1. Set a budget and stick to it. You should try to choose a vehicle that costs less than 35% of your annual income. Additionally, the cost of your payment, insurance, gas, and maintenance costs should not constitute more than 10% of your monthly income.
  2. Make a list of what you need and what you want. Smaller, more practical vehicles are generally easier to own. Although you might think that you need more space, more speed, or more power, you should focus on finding a car that will meet your daily needs without creating a burden. Models like the Kia Soul and the Kia Rio Hatchback offer a strong balance of versatility and easy ownership.
  3. Do your research, but don’t forget the test drive. It’s a good idea to learn as much as you can about a few of your favorite models online. Then, visit our dealership with a list of models you’d like to take out on the road!


Buying will make sense in many cases, but first time buyers should all understand the basic differences between buying and leasing.

Buy Your First Car with Greenway Kia East

Whether you’re ready to move forward with a used car or you’re hoping to buy new, we’re here to help you take the next steps with confidence. We’re easy to reach from anywhere near Oviedo or Union Park, and our service team will be here for you long after you’ve driven off our lot.

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