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Can I Lease a Car with Bad Credit?

Have you been wondering if you can lease a new car with bad credit? A common question we hear at Greenway Kia East is, “Can I lease a car with bad credit?” If you have been curious about this as well, you are not alone. The answer is yes, you can lease a car with bad credit. Keep in mind that your options will vary from lender to lender though. A credit check is required to lease a vehicle, so it does help to have a good credit score. However, if your credit score is not quite where you want it to be, the lower monthly payments associated with leasing can be beneficial. Learn more about how to lease a car with bad credit in this guide from Greenway Kia East.

Is It Easier to Lease a Car with Bad Credit Than Good Credit?

As mentioned above, a credit check is still required to lease a vehicle. Because of this, securing a lease is easier with good credit. The better your credit score, the lower your monthly payments and security deposit. A lower credit score can require a higher deposit and higher monthly payments. Leasing with bad credit is still typically more affordable than trying to purchase a car with bad credit. 

Car Leasing Tips

Even if your credit is not perfect, a great lease deal is not out of reach at Greenway Kia East. Below, we have provided a few tips that can help you save on your next lease with us:

  • Find a car within your budget to lease. You can use our payment calculator to estimate your monthly payments. 
  • Know your credit score before you start shopping. 
  • Make a larger down payment if possible to reduce your monthly payments even further. 
  • Bring several months of pay stubs as proof of income.

Can You Lease a Car With Bad Credit at Greenway Kia East?

You do not have to have perfect credit to lease a car with Greenway Kia East. Contact us today for more information about your financing options. We want to help you get a great deal on a dependable and affordable vehicle near Union Park. We can also discuss your options like a car lease takeover. We can also discuss your options like a car lease takeover

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